Shane Warne Just Released A VR Game And It’s Pretty Terrible

Yep, you read that right. Shane Warne just released a VR game called ‘King of Spin’. It’s out now on PC, specifically for the HTC Vive and it’ll set you back $37.90 AUD.

The bad news is, it’s pretty terrible. Early reviews on the Steam store listing are mostly scathing.

One user said: “Terrible! As a cricket fan, I was very excited to see this come to VR. Cricket defiantly as a sports game or simulation would suit VR mechanics well quite easily. However when i did finally get King Of Spin running, it was anything but cricket…”

Another said: “Warnie spends more time talking than bowling, and it can’t be skipped. It takes almost as long between deliveries as in a real game of cricket.”

If you’re still interested, the game is in early access and you can download it HERE.