A New Overwatch Character Has Been Revealed

Could this young inventor be the next gun slinging hero to enter the fray?

Probably not.

Earlier this morning, Blizzard released an “interview” with Efi Oladele, a young inventor from Numbani who specializes in robotics and artificial intelligence. In this “Spotlight On Numbani” piece, written for Atlas News (which you can read here) we learn that 11 year old Efi started building robots when she was younger, and used them to help her with chores around the house. Her dream is to one day build something to keep humans safe, like the new OR15s.

Is Overwatch hinting at a new Omnic hero to join the ranks of Bastion?

Could Efi be the one to build a new Doomfist?  That’s one theory that I have.


If you recall the following Doomfist art in the game (pictured below), you’ll notice “The Successor” has text written in Omnic. As well as that, the poster is featured in the Numbani map, where, surprise, Efi is from.

Perhaps Efi steals the gauntlet and attaches it to her next creation and thus providing Overwatch with its 24th hero.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said a few days ago that players shouldn’t expect Doomfist to be the next playable hero in the game. “24 is not who you think it is!” he teases.

What role do you think Efi will have in the Overwatch universe?