Hell Let Loose Is A Massive Scale WWII Game Being Developed In Sydney

Sydney-based independent publisher and developer Black Matter is currently Kickstarting a phenomenal looking first-person shooter called Hell Let Loose, set in the completely chaotic battlefields of World War II.

While Hell Let Loose doesn’t have a release window just yet, it’s nearing 80% of its Kickstarter goal (at the time of writing) and you check out the campaign page for a more in-depth look at the upcoming game here.

You can watch the official reveal trailer below:

Built on Unreal Engine 4, the game boasts some pretty incredible looking graphics but that’s not all. Hell Let Loose is designed to be a realistic simulation of war. The game invites up to 100 players at once to engage in combined arms warfare, manage a shifting frontline and overcome the enemy in a resource-based strategic meta-game that is, according to developers, easy to learn but difficult to master.

You might be thinking; haven’t we seen enough World War II games? What about Call of Duty: WWII releasing in November? Not to worry, says Black Matter, Hell Let Loose is “not a World War Two title of last decade” they assure their dubious readers. As a team of World War II fans and realism fans alike, the developers at Black Matter have felt a serious lack of innovation in the first-person genre in recent times and they aim to resolve that with Hell Let Loose. By removing all modern gameplay incentives such as kill count, perks, and unlockable guns the game promotes a focus on team-work, communication, and coordination in player Platoons.

You can watch the latest gameplay trailer below:

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