STar WArs Eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse Is Apparently Shooting For A 2026 Release Date

Another few years in orbit.

It’s been a whole hot minute since we last heard about Star Wars Eclipse, the upcoming game from Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer, Quantic Dream, which was initially revealed nearly two years ago.

Now, the folks at Insider Gaming have reported that it may yet be longer still before the game comes to fruition. Citing sources that also broke the news of Quantic Dream’s acquisition by Netease a good six months before it was officially announced, Insider Gaming claims that the studio is currently targeting a tentative release window of 2026 – and that might even be a stretch.

According to the outlet’s sources, Quantic Dream has struggled with hiring for the project after it became the subject of allegations of toxic work culture, harassment and crunch with legal proceedings for at least one known case still ongoing. Insider Gaming says that the difficulties in hiring coupled with the sheer scope of the Star Wars Eclipse project mean that the 2026 target could be pushed out further still, which makes it sound like development progress is still very early on this game.

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Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game has been positioned as a continuation of its efforts in player choice-based narrative gaming, telling an original Star Wars story set across the Outer Rim in the High Republic era of the franchise and starring an ensemble cast of multiple playable characters with their own motivations and impact on the story depending on their actions through the player.

You can see the initial reveal trailer below:

Another Star Wars game that was first teased a touch earlier than Star Wars Eclipse but only fully revealed recent is Star Wars Outlaws, which will seemingly beat Eclipse to market by a good couple of years as Ubisoft has penciled its original, open-world Star Wars adventure for a 2024 release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

We were lucky enough to see an extended, behind-closed-doors preview of Star Wars Outlaws in LA this month which you can read about here.