XCOM Chimera Squad

XCOM: Chimera Squad Is A Brand New XCOM Game And It’s Releasing Next Week

2K has announced XCOM: Chimera Squad which is a brand new entry into the XCOM franchise. The game will release exclusively on Steam on April 24th with an introductory price of $14.98 before heading to a retail price of $29.95 on May 1st.

The game is set five years after the events of XCOM 2 with humans, hybrids and aliens all working together to force a civilisation of cooperation and co-existence. However, it’s a brand new threat that is interrupting peace with the Chimera Squad working together to eliminate the threat.


  • Unique Alien and Human Agents: Each of the 11 agents have their own distinct personality and tactical abilities, including species-specific attacks like the Viper’s tongue pull;
  • Specialized and Complementary Classes: Execute devastating combos by teaming the right agents and utilizing cooperative actions. The difference between mission success and failure can depend wholly on team composition;
  • Re-Envisioned Tactical Combat: Missions are structured as a series of discrete, explosive encounters, keeping the action intense and unpredictable;
  • Breach Mode: Players will shape the battlefield to their advantage with a new combat phase that injects squads right into action. They will strategically assign agents to different entry points and coordinate their assault plans with a range of Breach-specific skills;
  • Interleaved Turns: An automatic initiative system will slot individual agents and enemies into an alternating turn order, creating new strategic possibilities based on what unit is queued to act next – and what unit is at the greatest risk when they do so;
  • Suspenseful Strategy Layer: Outside of combat, players will manage the operations of a high-tech HQ, where they must prioritize competing tasks, investigations and agent assignments in the face of a ticking clock: the constantly rising unrest in the city’s various districts, driving City 31 closer and closer to total anarchy.


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