StarCraft II Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary With A Bunch Of New Content

StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment’s beloved sci-fi RTS, is celebrating 10 years of galactic strategy and incredible comradery in the Koprulu Sector! Starting with an update to the Public Test Realm, fans of the strategy game will have the opportunity to launch into a whole heap of player-requested features (and extras!) to StarCraft II, including Galaxy Map Editor improvements to make campaign maps easier to create; new campaign achievements; and new prestige talents for every co-op commander.


  • Players have asked for the editor to be easier to use – and the game’s development team is delivering!


  • A new Arcade map genre will be added to open up the editor for more stories and creative ideas.
  • Creating custom campaigns will be a much smoother experience and will now support map-to-map loading
  • Many previously offline-only campaigns will now be accessible through the StarCraft II Arcade
  • Players will also be able to introduce co-op custom campaigns in addition to their single-player experiences


  • The 10th-anniversary update will add brand new achievements for every mission in the StarCraft II campaigns, including the Nova Covert Ops mission pack.
  • Earn the Stone Announcer for completing every new achievement.


  • Players can now replay the level 1-15 progression for each maxed-out commander, up to three times, and earn a new Prestige Talent each time it’s completed – opening multiple new gameplay options and strategic decisions.

You can check out the patch notes and get more info about what’s coming in the StarCraft II 10th Anniversary patch right here.

StarCraft II is free-to-play on PC and Mac and downloadable via your client app or the official game site right here.  The game offers a genre-defining real-time strategy experience independently via the story campaign or online with other players via versus mode and co-op missions. You can also visit the Blizzard Shop to unlock additional single-player campaigns and more.


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