Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s History Trailer Shows How Far Gaming Has Come

Microsoft Flight Simulator has released a new trailer that casts a spotlight over the series and its decorated history which has nearly spanned four decades. With the next instalment just over the horizon, it’s astounding to see just how far the series, along with gaming as a medium, has come.

The trailer is a rapid-fire history lesson for the popular simulator series and starts all the way back at day one for the franchise when it released 1.0 in 1982.

The trailer, of course, stops off at its final destination, this year’s Microsoft Flight Simulator which has captured people’s imaginations and curiosity with an entire cloud-rendering of planet Earth, pulled from Bing maps, to jet-set around as well as live and dynamic weather patterns, it’s clear that fans of the long-running series are in for an absolute treat.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launches for Windows 10 on August 18, it’ll also be available for Xbox Game Pass on PC.