Observer System Redux Is Coming To PC And You Can Play The Demo Now

Bloober Team has, at last, confirmed that their lush ‘System Redux’ remake of their recent cyberpunk-detective game, Observer, is indeed coming to PC alongside the already-confirmed next-gen offerings.

The game will offer a significantly enhanced offering including all of the bells and whistles that come with what we expect from ‘next-gen’ as System Redux adds features like ray-tracing, HDR lighting, completely revamped character models and animations as well as 4K textures.

When the game released three years ago, it centered on an Observer detective voiced by the late-great Rutger Hauer as he hunts for his son, from whom he’d grown distant. It takes place almost entirely within a gorgeously desolate apartment block in Kraków, Poland. It’s a stunning cyberpunk-noir game that drips with tone and atmosphere and it could really get a lot of the recognition it perhaps missed during its original run by being ‘holiday 2020’ alongside next-gen consoles.

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Those excited about the confirmation of the game coming to PC can get a sneak peek of the game today with a limited-time demo appearing on Steam. There’s also a small discount of 10% for anybody looking to pre-order the game ahead of its release.