Fall Guys Season 2

Fall Guys Has Added An All New Survival Show That Puts Players In A Sticky Situation

The second season of the wildly successful platformer battle-royale game started earlier this month but today, the developers over at Mediatonic have added a frequently requested feature in response to player feedback.

If you load up the game this morning, you’ll find that the Gauntlet playlist has been replaced by the Slime Survivors show instead which, as explained in the tweet, features an increased chance of seeing Medieval rounds.

Slime Survivor is a playlist that exclusively features survival challenges. These challenges are played without a time limit and end when a specific number of players remain as the last beans standing. It wouldn’t be much of a Slime Survival challenge without the titular slime, so, of course, players fall into a vat of unidentifiable goop when they’re knocked out of the round.

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Like other playlists in the game, in order to be crowned the winner in Slime Survival, you must pull through five standards rounds until you reach the final stage which, in that case, is either Jump Showdown or Hex-A-Gone.

This caps off a pretty interesting week for Fall Guys, especially after Sonic the Hedgehog crossover was confirmed and he appeared in the game store as a purchasable skin.