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EB Games Has Started Selling Instant Digital Game Downloads

It’s no secret that the PC sections in EB Games stores across Australia have been dwindling for the last couple of years. With the rise of digital storefronts like Steam and the Epic Games Store, there really isn’t a good reason for gamers to make the hike to their local EB to pick up a ‘code in a box’ when they can buy the same product online and possibly for a cheaper price.

They’ve been against the ropes for a little while but EB Games has leapt back into the PC gaming ring with the launch of their brand new digital storefront. There are only thirty-four PC titles to choose from at the moment but hopefully, we’ll see a lot more in the future, including new releases like Cyberpunk 2077 and Deathloop.

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You can check out the full range here.

Earlier this year, EB’s official website also made codes for PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold and Nintendo Online available via digital download. We have to wonder if this is the start of a shift toward making digital media for all platforms available online and keeping brick and mortar stores more exclusively for loot, apparel and gaming peripherals and accessories.

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