Geforce Now

Nvidia’s GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming Service Is Coming To Australia

NVIDIA has confirmed that GeForce Now is rolling out to several more countries this year including Australia.

GeForce now takes your gaming libraries from multiple PC clients and lets you stream them to devices such as your Windows PC, Apple computer, tablet, and NVIDIA Shield. This incorporates cloud saves to ensure that you can keep gaming at home or on the go right where you left off.

In terms of the servers, they’re being facilitated by Pentanet who currently have plans for servers in both Western Australia and Sydney although this will be determined based on demand as they get closer to launch.

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In the US, there’s two tiers, the free version which will let you stream your game for up to an hour at a time and a Founder’s version which is $5 USD a month and allows for RTX graphic and longer sessions.

A specific time-frame launch wasn’t given outside of 2021, but we’d expect it’ll probably be the latter part of the year.

With Project xCloud coming earlier this year and GeForce Now on the way, it’s pretty exciting to see Australia getting in on cloud gaming properly. Hopefully we’ll see PlayStation Now in the near future.