Here’s All The Launch Civilisations And Campaigns For Age Of Empires IV

At last night’s Extended Xbox Games Showcase, developers of the new game (At World’s End) confirmed the final civilisations and campaigns that will be available in Age of Empires IV at launch.


Civilisations will be a little bit different in Age of Empires IV – each of them will play to their own unique mechanics rather than them all playing the same way but looking different. It’s an exciting new idea, and hopefully, the team will be able to properly balance them.

Here are the eight civilisations that you’ll be able to play when Age of Empires IV launches later this year:

  • English
  • Mongols
  • Chinese
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • Abbasid Dynasty
  • French
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Rus


Boasting four campaigns, Age of Empires IV will have roughly 35 missions. Each of the campaigns focuses on the life of a historical figure, with each campaign spanning generations and covering multiple people. Think of it as a strategy-laden documentary.

Each of these campaigns will have a mix of gameplay and live footage that will help to make these campaigns as cinematic as ever. We’ve already seen Joan of Arc appear in the latest trailer from E3, but who else could appear? It’s exciting to ponder.

  • Norman
  • The 100 Years War
  • Rise of Moscow
  • Mongol Empire

You can check out the full interview from the stream below, courtesy of IGN.

Age of Empires IV launches for Windows 10 on October 28th 2021. The game is also included with Xbox Game Pass for PC.