Age of Empires 4

Age Of Empires IV Is Coming This Year And Here’s The First Gameplay Trailer

We’ve seen a bit of an info dump this morning for Age of Empires IV this morning, courtesy of a fan event that went on overnight.

It’s coming during the holiday rush this year, slated for British autumn (our spring). It’s expected to release on Steam and the Windows Store for PC, although it’ll be available day of release on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

According to Microsoft, the game takes a real documentarian approach to how it retells the historic battles, projecting historical events over real world locations to give players a sense of scale and place.

The game will also feature a Norman campaign, one of four historic campaigns available at launch. Its official blurb reads:

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“The Norman campaign will tell the story of Duke William of Normandy as he wrestles control of England from King Harold, starting at the Battle of Hastings, then later following his descendants Robert, William II, and Henry I as they continue to fight for what would become modern day England. All the classic medieval units were shown here in action, from knights on horseback engaging with pikemen across large fields of battle capped off with a great looking castle siege.”

The game certainly looks the part, and we’re keen to learn more about it in the lead up to its release for PC later this year.