New World

New World Players Are Frustrated By Lengthy Queue Times To Play The Game

New World? More like Queue World! Last night Amazon’s highly anticipated debut, New World officially launched its servers but became quickly overwhelmed by the number of players trying to log in for the first time. As a result, tens of thousands of players spent their evening in ridiculously long queues, starter zones were unpleasantly overpopulated and sadly, players decided to take out their frustrations on the game’s Steam reviews section.

I jumped in to play with a group of friends last night but we were quickly divided by our contrasting queue times. There was only a couple of minutes between our log in times but ultimately that meant that one of my friends got in almost instantly while another had to wait for over an hour which I considered enviable since I was #9181 in line with an expected wait time of over thirty hours. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, evidenced by the thousands of Tweets published across the globe last night, mostly lamenting about the insane queue times.

What made it worse is that players experiencing bugs either in-game or by disconnecting from the launch client were sent to the back of the queue once they attempted to restart the game. Ouch.

It’s worth stating the obvious here: launch day for any game is never perfect. Still, we thought that due to the fact that Amazon happens to own most of the servers that power our beloved internet, this issue might have been on a smaller scale, if it indeed cropped up at all. Unfortunately, however, Amazon set the maximum number of players for each server at 2000 while the game itself already has more than 650,000 players. At the time of writing, I decided to try logging in once more to see if the queues were any better, only to find that my server is currently under maintenance. As it turns out, Amazon is swiftly working to reduce queue times by adding up to 28 new worlds to overpopulated regions.

New World is available exclusively via Steam and had previously been tipped to become one of the biggest games of the year after multiple successful beta testing phases, including one phase that peaked at 200,000 concurrent users. Whether or not the game’s popularity withstands the heartache of multiple delays and a disappointing launch day is yet to be seen but all things considered, it still looks like Amazon’s New World is one to keep an eye on.