WOW Expansion

The Next World Of Warcraft Expansion Is Getting Revealed Tonight And Here’s How You Can Watch

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands reaching its conclusion, Blizzard is gearing up for the next major expansion with a live stream reveal tomorrow morning. You can watch the live stream on YouTube or Twitch at 2 am AEST or right here with us:

In the past, WoW expansions have typically been delivered every two years. Since Shadowlands launched in November of 2020, it is very possible that we may see this new expansion sometime later in 2022. That said, however, the recent addition of a new Mythic Keystone season, as well as some repurposed dungeons to mix things up, suggests that Blizzard may just be hanging onto Shadowlands for a little longer than originally anticipated.

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I suppose we will have to see when the title of the upcoming expansion is officially revealed tomorrow, April 20th at 2 am AEST.