mars first logistics demo

You Can Check Out A Free Steam Demo Of The Gorgeous Aussie-Made Physics Sandbox Mars First Logistics

Haul of Duty

Mars First Logistics, the physics-based sandbox from solo Melbourne developer, Ian MacLarty, is coming soon and you can now grab a free demo of the game and check it out for yourself ahead of its showing at PAX Aus 2022.

The game is an “open world physics simulation game where you create your very own mechanized Martian rover” and will be playable solo or in online co-op. The goal is to build your own rover from available components, haul awkwardly-shaped cargo across the surface of Mars and earn funds to build even wilder creations.

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The whole thing looks gorgeous and it’s a ton of fun to play (and features new music from Dan Golding), so I’d recommend checking it out while you can!

If you’re interested in looking at MacLarty’s other works, I’d highly recommending scrolling all the way through his official website.