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The Excellent Sable Is Currently Completely Free On The Epic Games Store

Don't miss this one!

The Epic Games Store’s Holiday Sale is back again and in full swing, with huge discounts, limitless 25% off vouchers and 15 days of free PC games.

You can read all about the sale and how to get the biggest discounts here, but we wanted to point out today’s PC game freebie as it’s a gem of a game that shouldn’t be missed, especially for the very low price of nothing.

Sable, from developer Shedworks, is a 2021 exploratory indie adventure with a gorgeous cel-shaded art style that takes players across dusty, desert landscapes on a customisable hover bike. It’s also got a fantastic soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast.

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You can get Sable on PC for free right now through the Epic Games Store – all you need is an Epic account. Grab it here.

Sable will only be free until 3AM tomorrow, December 20th so make sure to add it to your library ASAP!