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Sonic Colours: Ultimate Is Finally Available On Steam For PC

Coulda gone faster.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate, the 2021 console and PC remaster of what many fans would consider the “best” 3D Sonic the Hedgehog platformer, has finally made its way to Steam in the year 2023.

To celebrate the Steam launch, there’s a special 30% launch discount until February 14th:

A bunch of other Sonic the Hedgehog titles are also currently discounted up to 75% off on Steam, so take a look at those here.

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Sonic Colours: Ultimate updates the Wii original with upgraded visuals, new modes and features and quality-of-life improvements.

We gave Sonic Colours: Ultimate an 8/10 in our original review, saying “While it might be a hard sell for those that have already experienced the intergalactic highs of the original, Sonic Colours: Ultimate is packed with value and tweaks that make it well worth your time if you haven’t jumped into it before. It sports a simple yet entertaining narrative, great gameplay and a visual facelift that unleashes the potential of its namesake. All of this combines to further cement Sonic Colours as one of the best entries in modern Sonic.”