LoverWatch Is An Overwatch 2 Dating Sim Spin-Off That’s Only Around For A Limited Time

No Roadhog, though?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Blizzard has released “LoverWatch,” a browser-based dating sim where players get the chance to romance either Genji or Mercy in a gameshow-esque experience hosted by none other than Cupid Hanzo.

The limited-time game is only available between now and February 28, so if you’re an Overwatch fan curious to try your hand at getting a date with one of the two iconic characters then your time is short – and by all accounts there’s plenty of fun dialogue and even some potential nods to the future of Overwatch 2 to get around.

The game is also very quick to point out that, while official, it’s all “non-canon” even going so far as to offer players the chance to learn more about what non-canon means, so it seems Blizzard really doesn’t want players getting the wrong idea about their Overwatch dating experience and how it factors into the lore proper. Think of it as official fanfiction, I guess? Just much less smutty than the fanfic I’d you’d normally engage with.

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Take a look at a trailer below:

LoverWatch comes as part of a whole campaign of Overwatch 2 content centred around the ol’ Love Day, with a special Cupid Hanzo skin bundle available in-game and a new limited-time game mode and challenges.

If you’re keen to get romancin’ your Overwatch faves (as long as your faves are Genji or Mercy), head to and start playing!