Showgunners Is A Turn-Based Take On Deadly Reality TV

And it's coming soon!

Dutch publishing house Good Shepherd and developer Artificer have announced the release date for the upcoming brutal, sci-fi reality TV tactical game, Showgunners.

Once titled Homicidal All-Stars, the game has not only been branded with a new title but is set to release on PC as soon as May 2nd.

Showgunners sees players take on deadly environments packed with traps, puzzles and plenty of murderous and heavily armed combatants to take down. Simulating a game show environment, you’ll earn fame points to unlock new sponsorships while levelling up our characters and even using the built-in Twitch integration to interact with actual audiences in real time to shake up the challenge.

Check out the release date announcement trailer for Showgunners:

Inspired by our favorite action movies of the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s, This turn-based tactical game from Artificer and Good Shepherd Entertainment places you in a brutal reality game show where the only thing greater than the stakes are the thrills!

Explore and survive arenas filled with environmental hazards, traps, and puzzles before facing off against psychopath mercenaries in dynamic tactical battles. Win over fans to win fame points that can unlock game-changing sponsorships. Earn experience and level your characters’ skill trees in the way that best suits your playstyle. Playing for an audience? Use the Twitch-integrated streaming mode that lets your chat change up the game on the fly, either helping or hindering your progress.

Showgunners comes to PC via Steam and GOG on May 2nd, you can wishlist and dowwnload a free demo on Steam here, or wishlist on GOG right here.