world boss

The Aussie-Made PVP Shooter World Boss Has A Final Release Date

The final boss.

Melbourne’s PlaySide Studios has announced the 1.0 release date for its inventive PVP first person shooter, World Boss, after being in early access since late last year. World Boss will see its official release on June 27th.

Developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most recognisable content creators, Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott and Harley ‘Fresh’ Fresh, World Boss is a 16-player arena shooter with roguelite inspired gameplay elements that’s designed to be fast, fluid and accessible.

World Boss’s 1.0 release is set to add/update a fair few features for launch, including:

  • An all-new Arena with diverse biomes, new gameplay options and enhanced graphical fidelity
  • ADS for most weapons for enhanced accuracy
  • The ability for players to sprint
  • Total Perk overhaul alongside new Perks including Boss Killer, Airborne Aggression and Ratman
  • Party Join allowing players to join up with and fight against up to four of their friends
  • The ability for dominant World Bosses to plant Corruption Bombs and destroy areas of the map… and even end the match…
  • And post-launch, players can expect a new way to earn Boss Bucks via in-game challenges
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“Since entering early access in October 2022, PlaySide Studios has already rolled out a new Lives System, controller support, main menu overhaul, visual Perk updates and a new LazarBeam rifle, along with a vast number of quality-of-life changes, just to name a few,” said Ryan McMahon, GM of PC and Console at PlaySide Studios of the launch.“In 1.0, the action never stops with the long-anticipated ability to play in the same lobby as your Steam Friends. Party Join gives up to four players the ability to jump onto the same free-for-all server and duke it out on launch.”

You can find World Boss on Steam right here.

A new FPS from Fresh and LazarBeam. Take on 15 other players in fast-paced arena combat. Level up to unlock upgradeable weapons and perks. Customise your Gladiator with unique builds for every playstyle. Delete your enemies. Climb the leaderboard. Take on the world.