Winnie’s Hole Is A Melbourne-Made Nightmare Of A Game That I Can’t Wait To Play

This hole was made for Pooh

Sorry to potentially ruin at least part of your day with some quick nightmare-fuel, but in case you needed a reminder that the original book version of the character of Winnie the Pooh is now in the public domain and free for creators to use in their works – a Melbourne studio is releasing a game called “Winnie’s Hole.”

Now before you go trawling through the “hentai” tag on Steam looking for this future classic, it’s actually something a little different. In Winnie’s Hole, you control a virus infecting the poor honey-loving bear’s body with a goal to mutate him into a stronger, better, and altogether-more-fucked-up version of himself.

You’ll “spread and explore in Winnie’s hole” by placing viral blocks to capture and expand territory inside Pooh’s body, collecting resources and growing mutations – all with the goal of pushing Winnie forward on his adventures and keeping his mutating body alive, surviving and thriving. The team at Twice Different, who also made the excellent Ring of Pain, describes it as an accessible turn-based roguelite with autobattling elements.

A release date for Winnie’s Hole hasn’t been revealed yet, but you can wishlist the game over on Steam right now, and check out the reveal trailer below:

“Join Winnie the Pooh on a new adventure, from within! You play a virus in Winine’s body, capture cells to grow mutations and specialise your host. Refine his primitive form, adapt for survival, and do not let his friends contain you. They do not understand our gift… We must share it with them.”