Lushfoil Photography Sim Is An Aussie-Developed Photography Game That Looks Bloody Real

Marvel, snap.

During this morning’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase, the publisher showed off Lushfoil Photography Sim, a new Unreal Engine 5-powered photography sim from Perth developer Matt Newell that will take players to gorgeous, real-world locations that look stupidly realistic to take beautiful photos.

It’ll be a sim in every sense of the word, giving players true-to-life camera technology with all of the settings and features you’d expect from a real-world professional DSLR camera. You can see a trailer for Lushfoil Photography Sim below:

“Experience detailed, true-to-life recreations of beautiful and diverse locations around the world. Trek through and explore environments to capture stunning vistas and landscapes with your fully-featured in-game camera. Each environment is filled with objectives to reward players that have a good eye for angles and perspectives, and hidden secrets for those who are patient and observant.

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“The rich atmosphere of Lushfoil’s world is enhanced by an ambient, ethereal soundtrack featuring licensed music from artists around the world.

“The in-game camera includes an abundance of settings that you’d expect from a real-world professional DSLR camera. The camera simulates settings such as Auto/Manual Focus, Flash, Exposure, Contrast, White Balance, Aperture, Burst Shot and other effects for full creative control over your photography. The game further provides tools that allow for manipulation of the environmental conditions for your photos, such as manual adjustment of light angles, fog, snow, wind, and rain.”

Lushfoil Photography Sim doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it’s set to release on both PC and “consoles” and you can wishlist it on Steam here.