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A Quake 2 Remaster Just Got A Surprise Release

Earth-shattering news.

After plenty of leaks and rumours, Bethesda has finally revealed – and subsequently dropped – a new and enhanced version of the classic 1997 FPS, Quake II at QuakeCon 2023.

Developed in partnership with Nightdive Studios (the same people behind the remaster of the first Quake in 2021 and the recent System Shock remake), Quake II is out right now across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

It’s an impressive effort in both feature set and content as well, with the game itself given new life thanks to performance upgrades, widescreen support, lighting and shader enhancements, rebuilt animations, improved bot AI and a whole lot more more while still preserving the original game experience and its kick-arse soundtrack from Sonic Mayhem.

On top of just the overall enhancements though, this new release also includes the game’s original expansion packs, previously-cut content, a whole new expansion pack created by the talented folks at MachineGames (the studio responsible for the modern Wolfenstein games and upcoming Indiana Jones game) and packing 28 new campaign levels plus a brand-new Deathmatch map. And to add to all of that, the package also includes Quake II 64 at no extra cost, complete with its own enhancements.

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Quake II is available now for just $14.95 via any of the below digital storefronts, and it’s also available as part of a Game Pass subscription across both Xbox and PC!

You can also read more about this new release of Quake II right here and watch the trailer below:

You are humanity’s last hope to stop the Strogg, a hostile alien race waging war against Earth. Play this iconic military sci-fi FPS, now enhanced for modern platforms and feature-complete with all-new campaign content, Quake II 64, online multiplayer and co-op support, and more.