Alien: Isolation Finally Has Its Thomas The Tank Engine Mod

All abbhored!

It’s really difficult to fathom, but until just now there hasn’t been a mod that turns the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation into an incredibly unsettling, killer Thomas the Tank Engine. Thankfully, that glaring issue has been solved and a mod now exists that lets Thomas loose in a murderous rampage on the Sevastopol Station.

The mod was created by Matt Filler, who also developed the OpenCAGE modding toolkit for Alien: Isolation that allowed this mod to happen in the first place. It’s available now on NexusMods and ModDB, where there are surprisingly no other Xenomorph mods for the game. It’s criminal.

The description for the mod simply says, “This mod swaps the Xenomorph for Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m so sorry.”

Take a look at the mod in action in the below video, which shows Thomas running over innocent humans, stalking the player through tunnels and doing it all with a big grin on his face:

Alien: Isolation initially launched nearly a decade ago, but our most recent review of the game is actually from 2019’s shockingly good Nintendo Switch port of the game (which sadly doesn’t allow you to mod Thomas in), where we said “Alien: Isolation is close to a survival horror masterpiece that, while unforgiving, carries itself with an unbridled sense of style and class. It authentically recreates the look and feel of the original 1979 film while still feeling incredibly rewarding. Through some wizardry, the game plays just as well, if not better, on Switch, and is to be commended as one of the best ports the platform has ever seen.”