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Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes Is Getting An Enhanced PC Port With A Beta On Soon

The galaxy is getting bigger.

The free-to-play team-building strategy game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, has been around on mobile devices for almost a decade now, and remains pretty popular with players, and now EA has revealed that it’s finally bringing the game to PC with an enhanced port in the near future.

The official PC release of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will have some distinct upgrades over the existing mobile version, as confirmed by Game Informer, including higher resolutions, anti-aliasing and 60FPS performance. It’ll also feature a reworked interface to accommodate keyboard and mouse controls versus the touch-based inputs on mobile.

Players will also be able to carry their progress across from mobile to PC by linking their EA account, and going forward both versions will receive new updates and content simultaneously, meaning cross-platform functionality will continue on.

A closed beta for the PC version of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is scheduled for next month and access will be granted to mobile players first before being extended to new audiences at a later date. EA told Game Informer, “For those interested, they can head to the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes website, sign up for the EA App, link their account, and they are now ready to register. There’s a dedicated registration page that can be found on the website the day registration begins! For those selected, you will be receiving an invite via email for access to the Closed Beta.”

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The link you need to pre-register for the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Closed Beta can be found right here.

If you’re keen to check the game out on mobile you can find it on the Google Play Store here and the App Store here.

From EA:

“Our goal with the PC Client is to give players more ways to enjoy their time on the Holotable in a seamless cross-platform experience. This will allow you to play between handheld and desktop without missing a single beat. Some initial benefits of the PC Client is the support for many native PC features such as specific resolutions, keyboard and mouse support, better framerate, antialiasing and other PC quality of life changes. The core gameplay experience of Galaxy of Heroes remains unchanged with the PC Client. “