cozy caravan

The Adorable Aussie-Made Cozy Caravan Is Launching Very Soon In Early Access

Yeah, okay I'll play this.

If you’re a fan of “cosy” games, have I got news for you. Brisbane, Queensland outfit 5 Lives Studios, developers of 2020’s Windbound, have revealed that their next game is launching in Early Access on PC on May 16th and it’s the most incredibly adorable thing you’ll see all day.

Cozy Caravan is a “single-player, top-down journey” which will see players make their way around a stunning, miniature world in their trusty caravan, setting up shop in each new town they come across alongside their froggy best friend, Bubba. You’ll gather and craft items through mini-games and then trade with the locals in each town, learn about their lives and stories and explore their picturesque burgs as you spread Kindness.

The new gameplay trailer that 5 Lives has debuted alongside the release date announcement is probably the best advertisement though, with the almost tilt-shifted POV and the very distinct low-frame rate look on characters giving it a unique charm that really sells the whole thing. Check it out below:

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“Embark on a single-player, top-down journey in Cozy Caravan, where the arts of crafting, trading, and exploration come together in a beautifully cozy world. Form lasting bonds as you and your caravan journey through charming towns, enriching lives along the way.”

You can also check out a lengthier Developer Walkthrough video below, which shows off character selection and customisation, the Kindness system, crafting and upgrades, running the marketplace and heaps more.

Although pricing hasn’t gone live yet, you can already wishlist Cozy Caravan on Steam right here.