Overwatch Blog Post May Have Just Hinted At A New Character

In a recently published blog post, talking about the resurgence of the Overwatch and their role as vigilantes, Blizzard may have just spoken about a new character. Whilst talking about Reaper, Solider: 76, Pharah’s Mother, Reinhardt and Torbjorn, Blizzard spoke about a new character called Liao who was supposedly one of the original members of Overwatch.

There are two ways to read into this. It could either be the game’s next character as suggested by the fact that Liao is “an original member”. Some also think that he could be connected to the existing character Mei-Ling.

Blizzard haven’t yet fleshed out a backstory for Mei-Ling so it’s incredibly hard to know if there’s any relation there.

It’s without doubt that we’ll see new characters for the incredibly popular Overwatch, but Blizzard haven’t yet detailed what the timeline for this looks like. We already know that the first major patch will hit in June and bring forward competitive play.

You can read the blog post HERE.

  1. Mei Ling ? O_o
    As a MGS fan this is very confusing to me…
    Wait… Mei’s surname is Ling ? OoO
    Wow, Blizzard… I mean, you already have a cyborg ninja in there 😀

  2. It is “Soldier 76”, not “Solider 76”. Anyway, good to know they will be adding new heroes to the roster.

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