Screenshot of Liberty City in GTA5 Engine Surfaces

A screenshot of a part of Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City surfaced earlier today, as discovered by GTA Forum users Spider-Vice and BlackScout. The screenshot originated from a portfolio website of Rockstar Artist Adrian Page, who uploaded an image that looks to be identical to Grand Theft Auto IV’s Middle Park, albeit with updated assets in GTAV’s engine.3Uq51TnHere is a comparison of the old and new iteration of the location, credit to WildBrick142 on the GTA Forums:FMwwsVhDespite the existence of this image, it’s still questionable whether Rockstar is actually planning on bringing Liberty City to Grand Theft Auto V or possibly Grand Theft Auto Online as downloadable content. Artists and developers do tend to test out new tools and engines by porting or recreating older material, which could make this image on Page’s portfolio meaningless when it comes to actual future content.

Despite the uncertainty of this report, Rockstar has been continuously updating Grand Theft Auto Online, with the new “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” update launching next Tuesday!