The Crash Bandicoot Skylander Is Exclusive To Target In Australia

Our friends at Monamiibo have just discovered that the Crash Edition pack of Skylanders Imaginators will be exclusive to Target in Australia. For those that just wanted to get the Crash figure without dropping a significant amount of money on the starter pack, it’s important to note that the only way to obtain the Crash Skylander figure will be in this starter pack. A price isn’t available yet but it’s expected that it’ll be close to or more than $99 AUD.

Whilst this is the only way to get Crash at launch, it is entirely possible that we’ll see a standalone figure release at a later date. This is what happened with the Donkey Kong and Bowser figures that were initially only available in starter packs. Activision have already confirmed that Crash will useable in all versions of the game despite launching in a PlayStation only starter pack.

Despite being available on both PS4 and PS3 overseas, Target will only be stocking the PS4 pack in Australia.