You Might Not Be Able To Find Other Players In No Man’s Sky After All

One of the most misunderstood areas of the  No Man’s Sky universe were surrounding its multiplayer capability. Creator Sean Murray had gone on record a number of times stating that it was in no way a multiplayer game, but it was possible to find other players, despite there being 18 quintillion different planets. However, after being quite coy around the situation, it appears, at least currently that you can’t see other players even if you’re in the exact same location.

Redditor ‘TheGalacticCactus’ documented his journey to find another play who was in the exact same location, and unfortunately it didn’t quite end in the way we were hoping. Despite them being in the exact same location, they were able to see the same equipment, but they couldn’t see each other.

I don’t we can 100% rule out multiplayer at this point but it seems unlikely at this point that you’re able to come across other players.

“I warped for the first time today. The Star system I landed in was discovered by a user named Psytokat… so I messaged him asking him to meet me at a space station.

We are currently 4 systems away! We will meet at a space station.

Edit: We are both in the same station but cannot see each other…

Update: We are 100% In the same station same spot and everything and we cannot see eachother.”