This Is How You Should Use The New PlayStation 4 Folders

This week’s PlayStation 4 4.0 software update finally brought us folder support, which has been one of most obvious, yet most requested feature since the PlayStation 4 launched almost 3 years ago.

I must admit, when I entered the beta some weeks ago, I knew that I wanted to sort my 100s of PS4 games out into folders, but the task was a little daunting, and quite frankly, I still haven’t entered into the arduous task of sorting my games into folders.

Well, this guy seems to have come up with a genius solution for sorting your games. It might not be the most practical, but it’s definitely the most hilarious.

If you haven’t downloaded the 4.0 software update yet, I’d definitely recommend doing it ASAP. Not only does it have folder support, but it also allows you to access party’s and your friends list without fully exiting the game (Much like the Xbox One snap capability). It also updates your PS4 to be compatible with HDR, for those that have 4K TVs.