PS4 Pro Is 2.28x More Powerful Than PS4, Has 1gb Extra Ram

Sony’s Lead System Architect, Mark Cerny has revealed to The Verge that PS4 Pro is 2.28x more powerful than the PlayStation 4. He has revealed that the PS4 Pro is using a double-sized GPU which essentially is a second GPU next to the original which allows a boost in processing power.

Further to this, he has also revealed that the console has an extra 1GB of DRAM which will allow the PS4 Pro to switch applications without needing to close them. This will allow applications like Netflix to remain open when swapping to another game or application.

Further to this, Cerny has revealed that the hard-drive will still allow gamers to easily swap out for a bigger or faster hard-drive, and that a 2TB iteration of the PS4 Pro was not likely in the foreseeable future.

Thanks, The Verge.