A Westworld Writer Is Co-Writing The Last Of Us Part II

Neil Druckmann confirmed on his Twitter that Halley Gross will be co-writing The Last Of Us Part II alongside him. Gross is best known for her work on the hit HBO series, Westworld.

Bruce Straley who has worked on most Naughty Dog titles including The Last Of Us is currently on strategical, taking some time off away from the intensive game development workload.

Westworld is one of the most popular and well-written TV shows to come to life in recent years. Series one has just wrapped up.

The Last Of Us Part II was announced at the PlayStation Experience yesterday. It was also revealed that Ellie would be playing the main role in the game that will be based on hate. You can watch the reveal trailer HERE.

  1. Ok, that’s a good sign. Selling me a bit more on this. I’m still skeptical and annoyed with Neil Druckmann though. Really sick of his SJW ideology forcing feminism on us. I love playing games with a female lead, but not when it feels forced, or when something about them feels forced like Ellie being lesbo, or Nadine somehow being impossibly good and strong in a fight, even against the series biggest badass, Nathan Drake and his bigger brother. Makes zero sense at all.

    Also, them taking out the doughnut Drake skin from Uncharted 4 to avoid offending fat people. Unbelievable.

    Love Chloe and Ellie but honestly it doesn’t feel right that Naughty Dog’s next 2 games happen to have female leads. Considering both are being directed by a dumbass SJW Anita Sarkeesian supporter.

  2. So….am I to believe that this game is still in the “writing phase…?” I had hoped for something a bit more substantial in regards to length of development as of now.

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