Official Resident Evil 7 4D VR Candle Is Set To Spook You Further

It’s been announced that an officially-licensed Resident Evil 7 candle will become available for you to burn whilst playing the game. The makers have called the candle the “Blood, Sweat and Fears 4D Candle” which will have odours of musty old timber and blood.

It’s 4D because you’re playing a 3D game in VR in which the smell will add an extra layer of must which will delight your sense of smell as well as sight.

The candle will last 18-20 hours which is fairly standard for a candle.

It’ll launch on the 20th 0f January which is just in time for the game’s January 24th release.

It’s also 100% licensed by Capcom which means that it’s been approved by the Resident Evil gods.

You can learn more about the candle HERE.