Stunning Glacier White PlayStation 4 Slim Announced

Sony has officially announced a Glacier White PlayStation 4 Slim that will be available in Australia on January 25th for $439.95. All PAL regions as well as Japan will get it from the 24th of January.

It will come with a 500gb HD and a Glacier White DualShock 4.

ps4-1 ps4-2




  1. Backward compatibility please! “Playstation” is meaningless if it cant play Playstation games…

    I felt betrayed when Sony abandoned their customers by dropping all PS2 compatibility in PS3. When it came time to upgrade again, I could not bring myself to throw more money and my PS1, PS2 and PS3 game library down the toilet by going with the PS4. So I chose PC instead.

    With a PC I can play my PS2 and PS1 games using emulation. One day I’ll be playing PS3 the same way! Now when I buy a PC game I pay less money, get a superior experience in 60FPS+ and I know my library is more secure. I can play my games next year, 10 years from now, or even in 20 years time!

    Sony needs to put meaning back into the “Playstation brand if they want people to consider it.

    1. I’ve always had mixed feelings about this gripe. Why get upset about backwards compatibility when you can go buy an old console for cheap? It’s kind of meaningless to hope that a software engineered compatibility is going to work, cause they always fail due to the complications of a cross-over of the tech engineered in the previous machines. If you don’t like how it looks in your living room that is purely a personal issue. Companies shouldn’t have to look backwards to move forward. It is truly expecting too much.

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