Horizon Zero Dawn Has Badass Robotic Dungeons

With our extended hands-on of Horizon: Zero Dawn, we got to experience many new and exciting parts of the world that has been overrun by robotic animals.

Before stepping in to the open-world section of the game, Hermen Hulst, who is the Managing Director at Guerrilla Games, alluded to a place on the Horizon map called ‘The Cauldron’, which was said to be a place where robotics are born.

Immediately, this grabbed my attention and I knew that it stood out from the lush and vibrant, nature-filled world which I had experienced with the rest of the game .

I rushed straight there and my expectations were met with what was essentially a robotic dungeon. This Cauldron obviously serves a great purpose in the overall story and were easily the most intriguing and exciting part of the game. It’s not clear how many are placed within the world, but they were incredibly challenging. A mix of puzzle solving, intense platforming and incredibly challenging battles with robots. And these areas are unforgiving. They were also incredibly intriguing visually. Think of them as lairs that look like they have a robotic life of their own.

It’s clear that Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to be full of secrets.

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on March 1st. Press Start visited Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam as a guest of PlayStation to go hands-on with Horizon: Zero Dawn. 

You can find more of our impressions HERE. 


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