UPDATE (22/02/17) – PlayStation Ireland has now retracted its statement about the Crash Bandicoot being PlayStation 4 exclusive. MORE HERE.

So, this is kind of an obvious one but it’s important to get confirmation none the less. PlayStation Ireland has finally confirmed on Twitter that Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.

The game was announced at PlayStation’s E3 conference alongside Crash Bandicoot’s inclusion into Skylanders which ended up not being PlayStation exclusive which led to the question exclusivity of the Trilogy on PlayStation 4. It’s also unclear who owns the rights to the Crash Bandicoot character as well as the original games on PlayStation, so this one was left up in the air until now.

Crash Bandicoot will launch on June 30th exclusively for PlayStation 4.

  • Random Comment

    Suck it beggars!

    • NL37

      No need for hostility my friend, we are all gamers here.

    • Bob Saget
      • Random Comment

        So many exclusive games are coming for PS4, just check the games released recently.
        Suck it Xbot (or pc beggar)!

        • Bob Saget

          Yeah and? Unlike you, I have a job and can afford all the current gen consoles as well as a gaming pc, but yeah you go right ahead and keep defending 30fps in gaming scrub.

          • Random Comment

            Pc terrorist sob, go sign another petition.
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          • Bob Saget

            What part of ‘I have all the current gen consoles’ can’t you understand kid? So why would I beg. I love Sony fanboys they rave about exclusives then don’t buy them and complain when there’s no sequel. Anyone who thought Activision wouldn’t find a way to port this to every platform is just delusional and stupid.

  • Note5

    This could be co -funded by Sony.

    • Benjamin_nl

      sony has destiny call of duty skylanders and diablo exclusive stuff they have sucked activisions wallet up deep to get this made.
      so you could say it is fully funded by sony.
      activision would have sold each game seperately for 60 bucks and sold the second worlds as dlc packs.

  • Sun Streaker

    Tweet has been deleted, so the article itself is now defunct.

  • Anubisseesall

    and this is news how? Did anyone really think a remake of the 3 original Crash games were ever going to end up on Xbox or Switch? lol I would be Sony directly funded this project but has to be published under Activision because they still own the license and likely did not want to sell it.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      yessss!! i LITERALLY was arguing with people about this at the release date trailer because the box art didn’t include “exclusive” on it

      • Anubisseesall

        People are clueless. Sony may not own the IP anymore (though that could easily change if this sells well) but theres no chance that Activision decides to make this on their own, Sony wanted this done and it wont be coming to anything else

    • Bob Saget
      • Anubisseesall

        Oh no I’m crying lol try again

        • Bob Saget

          Where did I say you were crying kiddo? Sony fanboys have to be the saltiest lot whenever you lose an exclusive.

          • Anubisseesall

            At least we have exclusives….

            dude just stop I really don’t care one way or the other, if it comes to other stuff OK if not OK. I’ll be too busy playing Zelda to care


    you guys will be surprised when sea of thieves and Rare leave MS to go multi plat

    • Bob Saget

      Lol Rare can’t leave MS since Microsoft own the studio.