The Most Hilariously Janky Mass Effect Andromeda Animations

Whilst we wait for Mass Effect Andromeda reviews to drop early next week, many gamers are already playing through the early portions of the game in the EA Access trial.

A lot of the gifs below speak for themselves, but it appears that there’s definitely something janky going on with some aspects of the game. This is nothing new for the series or Bioware for that matter, but it appears that the devs have had some particular issues in their transition to the Frostbite engine.

Unfortunately, we can’t say too much about the game just yet, but it seems to us that these reports are being way too over-sensationalised and won’t define the entire experience.

Interestingly enough, YouTuber ‘Xletalis’ has compared animations between the original Mass Effect in 2007 and Mass Effect Andromeda in 2017. For some strange reason, even though the original Mass Effect’s textures look worse, the animations appear much smoother and more realistic.