Overwatch Had A Hero That Was A Cat In A Jetpack

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan has spoken to Gamespot about some interesting development ideas that the Overwatch team had during development.

Overwatch is known and loved for its wide variety in heroes, which Kaplan says that they wanted to have some boundaries on. They ended up with a spectrum that had Winston, the talking gorilla on one side and Solder 76, a straight up solder on the other end, and that’s where they drew the line.

Upon revealing some other hero ideas that the team had, Kaplan lifted the lid on a hero that was literally a cat in a jetpack.

“Then there was this one hero that was a huge internal debate on the team because we just loved it so much but it didn’t make it. It was this jetpack and it had this cat that laid in it, like a cat does. Then every once in awhile it would paw at the controls. It was a cat in a jetpack,” Kaplan said.

“That was one of those moments that helped define Overwatch. We just went, ‘Yeah that’s probably too far.’ But yes. We had a cat hero,” Kaplan said.

Honestly, the entire interview is pretty interesting, and I can’t wait to see where Overwatch is taken in the coming months and years.

Thanks, Gamespot.