Meet The Unlikely Hero Of Star Wars Battlefront II’s Campaign

Fans of the original Battlefront rejoice – while the galactic action will return in yet another comprehensive multiplayer form – Battlefront II will also feature a campaign. At the center of the campaign? None other than a hero of the Empire named Iden Versio. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be playing through the campaign mainly from the perspective of the Empire.

Speaking to the developers at the Star Wars Celebration, the designers commented on Iden and how they wanted to create a character who is elevated above the stormtroopers, who is considered to be a hero in her own right and amongs the Empire. Iden is considered to be an Empire loyalist who is well versed in the talents and the weapons of the Empire. SCREEN 3.0.5The idea is to design her as a hero to fit alongside the alread strong gamut of Rey, Luke and the like. While she might seem like a villain, she’s a hero amongst her own people and one whose character will look to answer the question of “what’s it like to grow up in the Empire?”.

The designers have purposefully designed Iden to have a sense of swagger, a sense of presence and not just be another disposable foot soldier of the Empire. To that end, the developers have brought on Janina Gavankar to bring the character to life. Gavankar appeared previously in Far Cry 4 as the hot headed freedom fighter Amita, but fans may also know her from True Blood (Luna) or The L Word (Papi) on television.

Iden will not be the only one playable either – you can expect to play as both Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker (the story will momentarily jump between both the Rebels and the Empire) in select moments throughout the campaign – but she will be the focus.

Star Wars Battlefront II releases worldwide on November 17th. Press Start flew to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida as a guest of EA to cover the game.

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