Don Bradman Cricket 17 Review

Don Bradman Cricket 17 Just Got A Major Patch On PS4 and Xbox One

The day has finally arrived. Many of the issues that gamers have faced with Don Bradman Cricket 17 have finally been resolved with the latest patch. The patch is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and many of the fixes have been implemented with the help of the dedicated PC community.

The full list of updates are below:

  • Tuned AI chance of being bowled
  • Further adjustments to field presets
  • Bowling order selection screen now shows type abbreviation
  • Added copy uniform option to the Team Editor
  • Removed unused skills from player comparison screen
  • Tuned AI shot selection
  • Fixed issue where timer would display online despite disabling them
  • Online connectivity improvements
  • General stability improvements
  • Updated credits text
  • Resolved issue where opening bowling tactics menu could cause a crash
  • Resolved issue where career would incorrectly record 50s and 100s
  • Added balls faced to match summary scorecard
  • Updates to fielding presets
  • Tuned AI innings pacing
  • Tuned AI dismissals
  • Further tweaks to AI dismissals
  • Fix for crash that could occur playing unorthodox shots
  • Further AI batting tuning
  • Tuned starting confidence values
  • Tuned difficulty of catching