Our Most Anticipated Games Of December

Release Date: Friday, December 2nd
Platforms: PS4 / Xbox One

Ubisoft brings the stunning open world of the Alps and Alaska to the newest generation of consoles in this unique take on the extreme sports genre. Steep lets you ride the way you want to – ski, wingsuit, snowboard or paraglide your way through heaps of unique challenges either solo or with friends.

Seamus said: “I’ve always wanted to snowboard in IRL. But until I get the chance, Steep will have to do. (Plus I love Winter games in Summer because it helps me forget about the heat).”

Steven said: “I loved the heck out of SSX Tricky and On Tour in their day but nothing, even the latest SSX, has given me the same level of enjoyment for me ever since. I’m still on the lookout though, the allure of high speed boarding down a powdery mountain is still strong. Maybe Steep will fill the SSX sized hole in my heart?”

Matt said: “Yet another game in which I get to do something awesome that doesn’t involve me getting off my couch. I’m sure it’ll be fun for a fair amount of time, and then eventually I’ll want to see how brutal I can make my wipeouts as I rocket down a tall mountain at blistering speeds.”

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Release Date: Saturday, December 3rd
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS brings the flexibility of the unique tools offered by Super Mario Maker and transposes them to the Nintendo 3DS.

While the 3DS version doesn’t support the sharing of course IDs, a large majority of courses from the Wii U version can also be played.

For those who aren’t as creative, there’s even a new set of 100 courses to play around with direct from Nintendo.

Shannon said: “Honestly, I played Super Mario Maker on the Wii U but not for anywhere near long enough as the game deserved. Whilst I wish they saved it for the Switch for the true portable/home console version, I think that Super Mario Maker is much better for playing on the go.”

Matt said: “Inevitable of Nintendo to release a relatively-well selling Wii U game on the 3DS, Super Mario Maker has a lot of charm but wasn’t a console-purchasing game for me. Now that it is coming to the 3DS I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun creating brutal courses and then getting extremely frustrated in failing to complete them.”

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Release Date: Saturday, December 3rd
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Picross 3D returns for another round of puzzles with a few new tricks up it’s sleeve. Over 300 different puzzles can now be completed in three different difficulty levels.

Keen collectors can also use their amiibo figures to unlock unique character based puzzles.

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Release Date: Tuesday, December 6th
Platforms: Xbox One / PC

Frank is (allegedly) back in Dead Rising 4. This time around, Frank IS the weapon, donning exo suits that can be outfitted with almost any weapon to take down gratuitously large hordes of zombies.

But what’s the best part about Capcom Vancouver’s polarising new direction? It all takes place where it all began – at Willamette – and during Christmas. So, so festive.

Raymond said: “What better way is there to take your mind off the Christmas shopping season than this classic beat ’em up title? Just in time for the holidays, it’s certainly an interesting take on Christmas. More than anything, I look forward to the hours of fun and mayhem that it looks to offer.”

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Release Date: Wednesday, December 7th
Platforms: PS3 / PS4

Perhaps one of the games with the most prolonged development period ever – The Last Guardian is the third offering from the mind who brought us ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. After a lengthy development, the game was properly revealed for the Playstation 4.

The Last Guardian follows a young boy and his relationship with a strange creature known only as Trico. Together, they must evade forces that for reasons unknown are after both of them.

Steven said: “It’s been a long time coming, through announcements, cancellations and re-announcements. It almost seems surreal that the game is actually coming out. I have high hopes after Ico impressed me a few years ago, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether The Last Guardian can avoid the long development time curse of Duke Nukem Forever.”

Mehdi said: “I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to its release simply because of the game itself, but the history and the sheer fact that it’s even coming out is still fascinating to me to this day. The game’s announcement predates my career in journalism by about 4 years and I still remember my 15-year-old self getting hyped over its existence. It’s survived the death of a studio and years of delays, but it still looks like the concept that I fell for at its inception. Whilst I likely won’t get to experience The Last Guardian at launch, I can’t wait to see what finally playing this long-awaited title will be like!”

Damian said: “With more delays than a Melbourne train on a good day, The Last Guardian is finally arriving! At this point, I’m more curious than I am excited to get my hands on Team Ico’s latest offering. However, given their previous track record of releasing quality games, I’m certain Team Ico have created a memorable experience that utilises the unique flair that has become synonymous with their games.”

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Release Date: Friday, December 9th
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

7th Dragon III: Code VFD is the third instalment in a long running Japanese series called 7th Dragon. In it, Dragons rule the earth and a band of humans must work together to prevent their race from begin wiped out.

And while this is the third game in the series, it takes place so far into the future that it really doesn’t matter. Code VFD is one of the better games in the series – offering great gameplay and a non-standard dungeon crawling experience.

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Release Date: Friday, December 9th
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

This Shin Megami Tensei story takes place during the same period and place as the previously released fourth game. Demon designs have been created and existing ones refined for this new brand new story.

Bigger than ever, Apocalypse features over 450 different types of demons that can be fought with and used in battle. Not happy with that? Fuse them and create your own abominations!

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Release Date: Thursday, December 15th
Platforms: iOS

Nintendo said that Mario would never appear on mobile, but the day has finally arrived. Super Mario Run is essentially an endless runner with much more substance than most mobile games coming in at over $10 on the Apple App store. After the success of Miitomo and Pokemon GO, it’s very interesting to see Nintendo playing their hand in the mobile space.

Jake said: “Since the dawn of mobile gaming all I have ever wanted was an official Mario game on my iPhone…and it’s finally happening! I’m really hoping it’s got decent some gameplay and it’s worth the price tag! To be honest if it’s just like a mini DS game I would be pretty happy”

Steven said: “Nintendo are no stranger to experimentation with new input methods. One of the few things that has remained constant in their many years of game making is that they’re more than willing to throw out the conventions of previous games to try a new kind of game with their most popular characters. Who knows if the game will be as satisfying as past Mario titles, I’m just happy to see Nintendo pushing into new markets, rather than falling back on their laurels as they are often accused of.”

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Release Date: Thursday, December 20th
 PS4 / Xbox One /

After two gripping seasons, Telltale’s The Walking Dead is going to be in its third season. Whilst not much is known about the third series, it’s expected that the third season will comprise of five episodes and take place in the same world as the comics, but we don’t yet know who the characters are.

Brodie said: “For two harrowing seasons now we’ve followed the adventures of gaming’s favourite little girl, Clementine. And much to the chagrin of Telltale loyalists still waiting for the next Wolf Among Us season, she’s back for another round of zombie-stomping, gut-wrenching and, inevitably, heartbreaking action.

I’m hoping this winds up being a season where the choices really do matter and that the ‘illusion of choice’ no longer hamstrings what are otherwise strong narrative experiences.”

Seamus said: “Despite how much I enjoy all the Telltale Games, their take on the Walking Dead universe and Clementine’s story has always stuck with me the most. Hence why Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Season 3) is not only one of my most anticipated for December, but for this year!”

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Release Date: Thursday, December 22nd
 PS4 / Xbox One

Don Bradman Cricket 17 improves on it’s predecessor in almost every single way. Play through a new career mode either as a seasoned veteran or a budding newcomer to the sport. Play as either male or female cricketers motion captured from the first class cricketers we know and love.

From a gameplay perspective, Don Bradman Cricket 17 also improves batting and bowling, refining the control scheme to provide a greater deal of precision.

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