This Bizarre Petition Is Aiming To Get Far Cry 5 Cancelled

‘Gamers United’ from the United States has started a petition to get Far Cry 5 cancelled.

The petition currently has 135 supporters a few hours after going live and the petition starter aims to get 200 signatures before presenting it Ubisoft.

Honestly, it doesn’t take long to realise that the petition is probably a piss-take. The petition uses words like “miscegenation” and statements such as “follow one or more of these changes and this game will be saved from PC hell”.

It’s all a bit hilarious and at the very best, a far-fetched attempt to get the game cancelled, which would appease a minority of people in the U.S who aren’t too happy about the games’ protagonsists.

You can find the petition here. It’s worth a read, for a laugh, if nothing else. 


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