Battlefront Free For New PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Sony is pulling out all the stops to make June 2017 one of their biggest yet for their PlayStation Plus subscription program.

As if it weren’t enough for Killing Floor 2 and Life Is Strange to be rotating in as this month’s free games for users, but Sony have partnered with EA, dangling a mighty enticing carrot in the hopes of bringing in new subscribers.

If you purchase a twelve-month subscription from the store, you’ll receive a code for Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition. The promotion does state that numbers are limited and that it’s a ‘first come, first served’ offer.

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Perhaps it’ll be enough to tip a few off the fence and it’s certainly a great offer. As it stands, the offer is only available in Europe and Australia for now and, obviously, isn’t available to existing members.

(via PushSquare)