JB Hi-Fi Is Honouring The Incorrectly Priced PlayStation Plus Subscriptions

Earlier today, we wrote about a ridiculous (and incorrectly) priced 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription that was put online on JB HI-FI last night. A lot of gamers managed to get in, but it wasn’t clear whether JB Hi-FI would honour the deal.

We’ve got confirmation now (from friend of the site, Vooks) that whilst JB Hi-Fi is not honouring the specific order, they have sent each person who purchased the deal a coupon for $14.70. This effectively makes the product the same price ($34.27) if they re-order it before the 16th of June (when it goes off sale).

The email reads: 

We are sorry for the delay in the processing of your order.

Unfortunately, there has been a pricing issue in our system that has prevented your order from being completed. The 12 month PS4 subscription was incorrectly advertised at $34.27 and so as a result all orders have been automatically rejected.

As a gesture of goodwill, we will be emailing you a gift card to the value of $14.70 which can be used to place an new order for the subscription at the price of $34.27. If you wish to do so. Please note that this subscription is only on sale until 16/06/2017 so if you would like to purchase this item at the same price, it will need to be done before this date.

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