Here’s Why That Need For Speed Payback E3 Intro Went Hilariously Wrong

Just incase you missed it last week, YouTuber ‘Jesse’ majorly screwed up the Need for Speed Payback intro at EA Play and it was quite hilarious to watch.

In a video lasting almost ten minutes Jesse has detailed a series of events that lead to the intro being hilariously messy.

Basically, the script apparently changed multiple times (although he admittedly didn’t read it the night before). He was also told that he wasn’t going live for 10-15 minutes, before the lights shone on him and last, but not least, the teleprompter didn’t show him his script when it was his time to go live.

I was live at the event and can confirm that every single speaker at EA Play had a teleprompter except this intro, so you do have to feel for the guy. Public speaking can make you nervous at the best of times, but it seems like this unfortunate series of events has lead him to be a viral meme.

He seems to be taking it in his stride and he is correct in saying that he’s got a lot more publicity than he it went smoothly.


  1. Interesting. I saw this live and suspected something went haywire. I didn’t blame him. (Also, copy-edit this story. Last sentence has a “he” instead of an “if”)

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