Absolver is as beautiful as it is brutal.

Composer Behind Journey and The Banner Saga Composing The Soundtrack For Devolver’s Next Game Absolver

Throughout his ten year career, Austin Wintory has composed the soundtracks for several high profile video games, including the Banner Saga, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and his most notable Journey.

The latest project he is composing the soundtrack for comes way of the edgiest game label in the industry Devolver Digital, in Absolver. An online multiplayer action fighter with a beautiful and striking artstyle, Absolver is the flagship title from french developer SloClap, who have big aims for their first game.

Absolver is set to come out on PlayStation 4 and PC on the 29th of August (although there seems to be some confusion on this still as the developer’s website says the 29th while the Steam page says the 30th).

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for the online fighter showing off the ‘Stagger fighting style’ below.

We had the opportunity to chat to Austin about his work on Absolver as well as one of his favourite collaborations to date with Aussie trio Tripod and his favourite video game composers and soundtracks.