Destiny 2’s Beta Gets Its Own Hype Trailer

We’ve known about Destiny 2’s public stress test for quite a while, but what has remained a mystery is what we’ll be able to play around with when it drops.

Thanks to a pretty hype-fuelled trailer, we now know.

Playable during the game’s beta period will be the game’s first story mission where players will first encounter Ghaul and witness the fall of the Tower. The ‘Inverted Spire’ co-op strike is also included, which sees players descend into a dig site to defeat the Modular Mind. And of course, competitive multiplayer is in the package.

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What gear we’re able to play with remains a mystery, but this is as good a start as any to see whether Destiny 2 learns from the mistakes of its predecessor.

Destiny 2’s early access beta kicks off for PlayStation 4 pre-order customers on July 18, and then on July 19 for Xbox One users. The open beta rolls out on July 21, before wrapping up a couple of days later.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6.

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