The Reactions To The PlayStation Plus Price Hike Are Mixed

Earlier tonight, PlayStation revealed that the prices of PlayStation Plus were going up in both Australia and the United Kingdom (so far).

The increase in price isn’t huge, but it’s enough for people to notice and have a quite a reaction. The increase is quite different depending on whether you subscribe yearly (a $10 increase), quarterly (a $7 increase) or monthly (a $1 increase).

I think that this increase in price seems to be quite fair. PlayStation haven’t increased the price in PS Plus in years and the quality of games that come with the service have risen in the past few months.

Obviously, with this kind of announcement, most of the reactions so far have been negative.

There’s also a fair share of people who just don’t seem to be too phased by the small increase.

  1. Keep getting good games? Those good games have nothing to do with the price hike. Most of those are offline games anyway soooo yeah….
    It’s not worth it considering that it’s inferior to the competition but more exoensive. Yeah that’s not right.

    Come one Sony last Gen you’d said you wouldn’t charge us to play online, now you’re the most expensive online service. Get out of here with that for the players crap. More for the money.

  2. It’s like when McDonalds start to charge for ketchup. Then they will be charging for salt and napkins. They will only stop when they realise that it’s driving people away. So it’s in our hands, really.

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